Toned Trout x MegaBass, Lure, Lime/Gold

Toned Trout x MegaBass, Lure, Lime/Gold


The Toned Trout x MegaBass Lure is a premium artificial bate that accurately mimics bate fish. Two nano-fluorinated coating provide a high anti-corrosion protection. The Made in Japan quality hooks are harder than the normal barbless hook by its SSC processing. The special design swims well and holds in control even in strong current. Despite the compact body, the tungsten weight improves in flight attitude and distance even on windy days

  • Hachimaru's unique "rolling into a little wobbling action" triggers bites

  • Round Treble Hook

  • Vertical Eye (Barbless, Flats, Steel, With Chemical Polishing)

  • Wire Diameter # 21.5 (Φ 0.76 mm)

  • 0.258 g

  • Made in Japan

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